Employment of Expatriates

Employment of Expatriates
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    Work permits

    • Non-Saudi nationals are not permitted to perform any work unless obtaining a work permit from the Ministry according to the form prepared for this cause.
    • The employer is not permitted to employ workers in an occupation other than the occupation provided in the employee's work permit. Similarly, the employee is prohibited from performing any work different from his occupation, before taking the required legal actions and procedures for changing an occupation.
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    Requirements for obtaining work permits

    • The worker has entered Saudi Arabia legally and authorised to work.
    • The worker must have the educational and occupational qualifications required by the country, where no Saudi national has obtained such qualification, or the numbers of qualified Saudi individuals are not sufficient, or the worker is considered within the regular worker needed by the country.
    • The worker has contracted with the employer and is under his responsibility.
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    The employment contract and its’ term

    • The employment contract of a non-Saudi national must be written and for a definite term. If the contract does not specify the term, the expiration date of the work permit is considered the expiration date of the contract.
    • The costs of employing expatriates are as follows:
    1. The employer is responsible for the cost of recruiting new employees and expatriates into the country, the cost of residency and work permit (iqama), the cost of its' renewal, fines for late renewals, the cost of changing occupation, exit and returns, and the cost of return tickets for employees after the termination of their contractual relationship.
    2. The employee is responsible for the cost of return tickets if he is not qualified to work, or if he wishes to return for no specific reason.
    3. The employer is responsible for transfer expenses if the employee wishes to transfer his sponsorship to the employer.
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    Costs of preparing the body of the deceased

    The employer is responsible for the costs of preparing the body of the  deceased and transporting it to the authority that the deceased has contracted with or recruited him, if the deceased does not have approval to be buried in the kingdom. The employer is exempted from his obligation if the General Organization for Social and Insurance (GOSI) is responsible such arrangement